Latest News!
New website and corresponding brand update (10/6/14)

Here we are with 2D-RPs new weblayout. Our new branding also hits the scene! We are very happy with the style and hope you enjoy it too. Should you encounter any issues with the website dont hesitate to write us. Well have fun browsing!

Work on Reblobed continues! (9/6/14)

Currently we are working night and day to be able to bring you more information on our platforming game for Sega Dreamcast, Open Pandora, Ouya and more. The project grows to be a fine professional product and marks our first real attempt on commercial grounds. We thank you for your continued support!

Introducing 2DRP-CCArt Library (25/5/14)

Today we are introducing a new treat for you. As we know that there is not enough free game art out there, we are going to provide a few of our older pieces for those interested. So should you be in need for some art for your games you can be happy now. The graphics will all be released under CC-by-License, so you are able to do everything with it. Only do us the small favour of giving credit.

Visit us on OpenGameArt

IndieDB (14/5/14)

Finally made the step over to INDIE DB. Have a look at our profile and games. That would help us raise some popularity there. Thanks a lot for the recent likes and the continued support through our old friends! Its really awesome.

Visit us on IndieDB