2D Retroperspectives is an enthusiastic team dedicated to the development of quality video games, reminiscent of old classics.

It was founded in the summer of 2009 by Jana Ochse (Artist, Animator) and Philipp Lenk (Programmer), who tried to gain experience and learn how to deliver a satisfying gaming experience, and has since released games on various consoles, including GPH GP2X, GHP Wiz, GPH Caanoo, OpenPandora, Dingoo A320, XBox360 and Sega Dreamcast.

2D-RP is currently located in Berlin, Germany.

| Jana

Born in 1988, Jana grew up with many of todays gaming classics. The favourite games of her childhood had a deep impact on her, which left her with the wish to create games of her own and eventally become a Game Designer.

Her first steps in game development took place within the realm of classic game engine communities about software like RPG-Maker2000 and M.U.G.E.N, but quickly became more serious.

Creating game concepts is a passion she never got rid of although graphics is probably the one field she loves the most. Having been a nerdy pixel-artist in training since the tender age of eleven and presently being an enthusiastic autodidact at the profession of digital illustration, she now creates her own worlds as 2D-RPs Game-Artist.

Other hats she claims from time to time: Game Designer, Webdev, Voice-Act, Script-Kiddo, Low-Level-Music-Composer and Sound Artist.

Jana on DasAuge.de:

Jana O.

Philipp, who was born in 1989, developed a keen interest in computers and their workings early on. Being inspired by various titles of classical game designers and fascinated by the creativity and complexity involed in programming video games, he was drawn into this field and eventually became part of 2D-RP as its all-in-one coding machine.

He is the heart and soul of our game engines,a master of presenting the non-coding folks with awesome graphical development tools and never too lazy too to strive for perfection on every level.

Oh and he loves to wear other hats too: Game Designer, Webdev, Voice-Act, Low-Level-Music-Composer and Sound Artist.

Philipp on Stack Overflow:

Since we get asked regulary on how to join our team we will write any open positions within this section and/or announce them via our social media sites.

Currently we are not activly seeking for additional team members. However if you got a project you would like us or one of our members to cooperate on, we would appreciate all of your messages.

Since we are always interested in other peoples work and art we invite you to share your view on our projects and gladly give our oppinion in return.

Thank you all for the continued interest! Its great!