2D House of Terror


At 2D-Retroperspectives we are great fans of old horror movies from the 30s-80s. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and anything related to the field of horror is something we love, however dont confuse this with lame splatter and gory violence. What we love is the classic and mystic side of the genre. For example not knowing what will await you around the corner or being afraid of shadows on your wall at night. 2D HoT (as we like to shorten it) is essentially a very experimental game, due to it being the final university project of one of our team-members. Its basically the result of a mixture you get by combining a theme we love with a game genre that allowed us rather fast design and implementation. We are just telling you this for a better understanding of what this was really all about. Enough background information and on with the game description. 2D House of Terror is horror-themed party game which combines the concept of hits(e.g. Nintendos Mario Party), with typical themes of the genre. If you wish to enjoy a screamfull evening with lots of fun, this is for you! Battle your friends with mindblasting scores in random mode or test your strength whilst watching the compelling narrative background in story mode.