Besides JnB-Reblobed the Action-J-RPG Saviour is our main project in development right now and has been since early 2011. We were learning alot in terms of game design, graphics and programming over the time and naturaly had to redo some of our early work we had done for the project. We dont want to spoil you anything so we wont go into detail regarding the storyline right now. You will know soon enough what its all about! In the end Saviour is planned as a hommage to classic RPG games from the Super Nintendo and Playstation-Era. At that time we enjoyed our first glances at titles like Lufia, Grandia, and Alundra. Our continued love for those kind of games and the wish for new generations to enjoy something that we loved back then is our reason to do our own interpretation of this classic-genre. Continue to follow us for more information right here and on facebook!


Work in Progress